Mapsted Location Technology Solutions

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What is an Indoor Map and how is it different from indoor positioning?

What are Mapsted Indoor Maps? Mapsted indoor maps are maps of your indoor space. Indoor mapping is the process of converting your floor plans that you send to us into digital, interactive representations of indoor spaces. With Mapsted’s indoor mapping platform, any company can be enhanced to display data in the context of an indoor […]

The future of Indoor Mapping in Hospitals

IoT in healthcare is about learning better processes and outcomes for patients and doctors. Whether you’re a patient, nurse, administrative assistant, or doctor, connectivity and mobile technology help to increase the overall healthcare experience- ultimately benefiting the patient.

Next-Generation Retail: Using Analytics Technology to Optimize Displays and Increase Sales

Where you display products and your store’s layout strategy can have a major influence on a customer’s decision to buy your product. Understanding where to place items within your store can be the difference between selling a few units and selling a couple hundred units.

A+ Navigation for Your Campus

The workload of a university student is already stressful enough – navigating their way to class shouldn’t be. Mapsted’s A+ navigation system enhances the overall student experience, allows universities to engage directly with students, visitors, or staff, and provides powerful location-based real-time analytics, helping schools gain valuable insight into their students’ needs.

Use the Mobile Experience to Take Your Airline to New Heights

the airline industry is in the perfect position to provide a product customers can get excited about. Ideally, a single app that could provide travellers with a customized suite of services, and could send them personalized offers based on their unique profiles.

Give Your Resort the Competitive Edge with Hyperlocal Intelligent Marketing Technology

In today’s digitally-driven world, it’s no longer enough to be listed on a travel website with 15 pictures of your resort. To be a top competitor in the resort industry, you need to constantly implement innovative technology that will provide travellers with an irresistible customer experience.

Vacation FOMO? Never Again with Mapsted’s Advanced Indoor Location-Based Solutions

From welcome messages when they arrive, to the chance to send feedback and suggestions when they leave, make the experience all about the customer, ensuring a highly-personalized stay.
Based on location-based triggers, guests instantly receive push notifications letting them know about nearby excursions or events.